Pro Bono Partners

As part of its systemic reform activities, CPR has developed a unique partnership with a significant number of major law firms. Each has co-counseled at least one, and often more than one, major class action case with CPR. These partnerships are designed not merely to expand our resources or to enable firm attorneys to engage in pro bono work, but also to develop ongoing, sustained relationships that allow senior partners at each firm to lead innovative systemic cases, to directly represent thousands of individuals with disabilities, to fully engage in strategic decision making, and to teach CPR attorneys complex litigation skills. Several of these firms have won state and national pro bono awards for their partnerships with CPR. 

Partners have included:

In addition, CPR relies upon pro bono representation of its individual clients with disabilities in civil rights damage actions, civil commitment, treatment guardianship, Medicaid, and Social Security matters.  Each year it reports to the local IOLTA Committee that it has secured thousands of pro bono hours worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for its individual and systemic cases.