Health Care

Everybody – including adults and children with disabilities – has a right to receive necessary health care and mental health services to maintain abilities and develop new skills to grow, to engage, to enjoy – in short, to live.

Most people – even those with significant medical and behavioral challenges – can live and thrive in integrated community settings.

But thousands of people with disabilities still languish in segregated nursing facilities, state hospitals, developmental disability centers, jails and prisons, and even private psychiatric hospitals without needed disability and medical services.

Without  community supports like speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, and home-health services, they are forced into institutions, regress, and lose skills and functions that once gave them meaning, hope, and a chance for a more vibrant life in the community.

CPR, through its litigation and policy work, has advocated for decades to ensure that adults and children with disabilities living in the community can obtain needed medical and behavioral supports, and that those in facilities receive the necessary specialized services – health services mandated under the federal Medicaid Act.