CPR Submits Comments Opposing the State Department’s Implementation of Presidential Proclamation Banning Immigrants Without Approved Health Insurance

November 1, 2019

Yesterday, CPR submitted comments urging the State Department to reconsider its efforts to implement a presidential proclamation issued October 4, 2019 mandating that visa applicants abroad buy certain approved health insurance or have the financial means to cover foreseeable medical expenses.

The State Department’s use of emergency review severely curtailed the public comment process on its proposed implementation of the proclamation, which limits approved health insurance to plans that typically don’t meet the needs of people with disabilities and will bar many people with disabilities from lawful entry into the United States. The proclamation conflicts with several existing laws, including the Affordable Care Act, and is yet another attack on immigrants with disabilities, following the Department of Homeland Security’s public charge rule, which was enjoined last month. The proclamation, like the public charge rule, is currently being challenged in federal court.

For updates on litigation and advocacy efforts against the presidential proclamation and the public charge rule, please visit our website.