CPR Receives Prestigious Award for Its COVID-19 Advocacy

November 16, 2020

CPR received the Mary Lou Maloney award from the Massachusetts’ Disability Policy Consortium at its 8th annual event on November 13, 2020. The award, which honors a person or organization that serves people with disabilities through systemic policy and research, recognized CPR’s innovative and intersectional advocacy to redress discriminatory practices during the pandemic. 

Accepting this award on behalf of the Center, Executive Director Cathy Costanzo spoke of CPR’s valued partnership with DPC and other disability and racial justice organizations built during our joint advocacy for health equity and anti-discriminatory crisis standards of care in Massachusetts.  The award was presented by Ari Ne’eman, the founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, who explained that “CPR has been on the front lines of working towards a more equitable and just world for all at a trying time in our nation’s history.”  CPR also was recognized for its national advocacy efforts, including systemic reform litigation and protecting federal Medicaid entitlements, advocating for the expansion of integrated, home and community-based services, and partnering with disability advocates in over a dozen states to challenge discriminatory state crisis standards, protect individuals’ rights to accessible COVID-19 testing and reasonable accommodations to facility visitor policies, and ensuring equitable access to lifesaving care and treatment.  CPR is proud to be honored alongside Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts State Representative Denise Provost, and DPC board member and long-time disability advocate, Sandy Novack.

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