CPR Joins Coalition with ACLU in Letter to President Biden

February 25, 2021

CPR was part of a coalition consisting of over 150 organizations who signed the American Civil Rights Union’s letter to President Biden urging to end the use of Department of Justice federal funding for police in schools. Research has shown that students in schools with a police presence are more likely to be suspended, referred to law enforcement, and arrested while in school. These odds increase for students who are Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and those with disabilities. Federal funding of police in schools further aids the discrimination and criminalization of youth. In its letter, the coalition requests the President to issue an executive order directing the Department of Justice to shift its funding away from school-based police support and toward the use of much needed mental health professionals in our schools.  Rather than supporting environments where students are victimized by police, federal funding should be diverted and used to create healthy, safe and supportive school climates deserved by all students. 

Read the letter.