Give Thanks

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of reckoning. These unprecedented times have required all of us to reflect upon and prioritize what matters most.  We are inspired by the courage and successes of people with disabilities and grateful for your support.

CPR is dedicated to ensuring that:

  • People with disabilities, older adults, and individuals from communities of color are provided life-saving treatment and are not discriminated against in accessing emergency care and ventilators during the pandemic.
  • Those confined in congregate settings, where COVID-19 is rampant, are transitioned promptly and safely to their communities.
  • Increased funding for Home and Community Based Services is made available to transition and divert people with disabilities from congregate settings.
  • People with disabilities can designate a support person to accompany them in hospitals and healthcare facilities, especially during the pandemic.
  • Individuals with disabilities are included as a priority in upcoming governmental relief packages.
  • Supported decision-making (SDM), as an effective alternative to guardianship that gives people more independence, more dignity and more freedom, is the new norm for all persons who need assistance in making basic decisions.
  • Adults with mental illness must not be unnecessarily incarcerated in the criminal justice system due to inadequate community supports.
  • Discriminatory and exclusionary rules, like the new public charge rule, are repealed.
  • Structural racism is confronted in all aspects of our work.
  • We work in close partnership with racial justice, disability justice, economic justice, and aging adult organizations to address the root cause of segregation, discrimination, and structural racism.
  • Litigation to advance and expand the rights of these groups is necessary and more important than ever.

And so much more.

This list represents only some of the core priorities for CPR in this time of reckoning. Through innovative litigation, policy advocacy, and community coalition-building, CPR is committed to achieving these goals, now, not in some distant future.

Today, December 1st, is a day of giving.  Please help us achieve our vision and continue our work. Join us in our efforts so that, together, we can make a difference and offer hope to those that need it most.  

“Injustice prevails where hopelessness persists.”
Bryan Stevenson, founder and Executive Director
of the Equal Justice Initiative